Civil Service & Labor Law

A wide and somewhat diverse range of legal categories fall under the umbrella of Civil Service & Labor Law, and Mr. Frawley specialized during his two years with Bartlett, McDonough & Monaghan, LLP, in these types of cases, which include contract negotiations, employee discipline, grievances, improper practices at the New York State Public Employment Relations Board, and New York State Disability Retirement Applications.

As an associate with Bartlett, McDonough and Monaghan, Mr. Frawley handled and was the main attorney for the firm's largest union account in the Rockland County Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.

Every workplace, no matter the size or the nature of the business being conducted, is bound to experience discord at some point in time. Whether that tumultuousness is caused by a dispute among shareholders, the need to terminate the employment of a staffer, initiation of a civil lawsuit, or another business-related cause of action altogether, Mr. Frawley is keenly aware that swift, decisive, and cost-effective solutions are always in the very best interests of all parties involved.

Our law firm believes the key to any successful business is understanding personal relationships. After a nearly two-decade-long career in law enforcement, Mr. Frawley has consistently demonstrated an almost unmatched ability to read people and situations, knowing when to choose between a hard-line approach when communicating with adversaries and one that is more mild and delicate.

Above all else, The Law Office Of Patrick A. Frawley approaches every employment-related case with the mindset that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each situation must be carefully and comprehensively assessed before we offer any legal advice or guidance. We want, above all else, for our clients to make informed decisions at all times, equipped with a complete list of choices and the likely consequences of each.

When it comes to fairness in the workplace, employees have more rights nowadays than at any previous time in New York State history. And that has many business owners on edge that they will either say or do something that will result in litigation. The list of grievances that workers seemingly threaten to sue their bosses over on a regular basis include: age, disability, national origin, overtime pay, pregnancy, race, religion, retaliation, sexual harassment and discrimination, the Equal Pay Act, the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), and wrongful termination.

If you have been affected by any of those aforementioned areas of employment law, either from the perspective of an employee or employer, we encourage you to call The Law Office Of Patrick A. Frawley today so we can begin to understand the facts surrounding your case and offer an informed legal strategy on your behalf.

After serving residents in and around Rockland County as a distinguished member of the Orangetown Police Department starting even before he completed his undergraduate studies, Mr. Frawley is highly committed to workplace justice. He has brought with him immense experience in labor management relations. Mr. Frawley is the former President of the Orangetown Police Benevolent Association and was the Chairman of their Bargaining and Grievance Committee for nine years. He also served on the Executive Board for the Rockland County Patrolmen's Benevolent Association for fourteen years, holding the position of First Vice President, Second Vice President, and Political Consultant. Mr. Frawley has dedicated his life to insuring that employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from any form of discrimination or harassment, and they have the right to fair wages as prescribed by the State Of New York.

Often times, employees who are stuck in an unsafe or outright illegal workplace environment simply do not know the full extent of their rights -- or they are unsure how to protect those rights. Mr. Frawley has a long history of helping employees navigate a myriad of sensitive and complex workplace problems.

We help our clients fully understand their rights in the workplace. When one of our clients has been victimized on the job, we will demand the employer comply with all state and locals laws as well as change any and all improper employment practices. Moreover, Mr. Frawley will require that appropriate damages for workplace violations are paid, whether in the form of a direct settlement or as the result of a jury or bench verdict.

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