Estate Planning

Contemplating mortality is uncomfortable and awkward for just about everyone. But failure to put together a thoughtful and comprehensive estate plan will only make life more difficult for loved ones in the event of your death or incapacitation. Ask any estate planning attorney, tax professional, or financial planner, and they will tell you it is an absolute imperative to invest the time now, while you are still of sound mind and body, to put your wishes down on paper so there are no delays or confusion at a future point in time.

When there is no estate plan in place, or an estate plan contains obvious omissions, inconsistencies, or errors, loved ones will be left to make decisions on your behalf. Not only will their choices place them in a painstaking position, but strife and arguments often arise when relatives do not agree on important issues.

Moreover, disputes that end up in court or before mediators will become costly, and legal fees are not what you want your life savings spent on. You worked hard throughout your entire life to provide security and peace of mind for your heirs; you didn't invest and save money so it could be spent on court costs.

Nothing good can come out of a loved one's challenging of the validity of an estate plan. That is why the guidance of a qualified estate-planning attorney such as Mr. Frawley is vital. At our law office, we can draft a new estate plan or review an existing one to ensure no mistakes were made. Estate plans must be air-tight and crafted in an unimpeachable manner as to avoid any chance of impropriety.

Mr. Frawley works closely with each and every one of his estate planning clients to ensure their exact desires are carried out with regard to funeral arrangements, living wills, powers of attorney, division of assets upon death, charitable giving, death taxes, care for minor children, and possibly avoiding the probate process altogether.

At our law office, we understand that every estate plan is different. No two clients come to The Law Office Of Patrick A. Frawley with the same set of life circumstances. Everyone has different levels of expectations and the value every estate varies. We therefore expend the necessary time with every client to understand their goals and to tailor an estate plan that meets their needs.

We want to get to know every client personally. If that means multiple consultations at our Orangeburg law office in a particular week or month, then we will invest that time. An estate plan that makes good sense for one client will not necessarily make good sense for another.

Without a properly executed, thoughtful, and creative estate plan, there is a good chance that your savings, real estate, stocks and other investments, and retirement accounts will be exposed to significant loss. That loss will almost certainly deprive your children and grandchildren of the chance for their financial independence.

Mr. Frawley's objective with every estate-planning client is to devise a strategy that will maximize the value of each estate while keeping estate taxes as low as possible. In the end, you will come to realize there is no greater peace of mind than knowing your loved ones will be cared for -- and that no one will be forced to make hasty decisions on your behalf when the time comes.

It is never too soon to put an estate plan together. When you meet with Mr. Frawley, he will explain each of the necessary components to a proper estate plan, such as a living will, power of attorney, a will, and possibly a trust. Estate planning should only be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, as you must appoint executors, care-takers, and other decision-makers. Specific tax consequences must be evaluated and highly sensitive family relationships must be weighed.

Mr. Frawley possesses the compassion and high level of commitment necessary to guide you through this important process. Creation of an estate plan is the key to preserving wealth for future generations in your family.

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