Traffic Offenses

The ramifications of simply paying traffic tickets and amassing the associated points on your driver's license are usually much more severe than most motorists ever imagine. It is almost a certainty that your car insurance premiums will increase significantly with each infraction to which you plead guilty and pay. When you have accumulated enough points, your privileges to operate a motor vehicle will be either restricted or altogether revoked by the State Of New York.

That is why the importance of hiring an attorney with vast experience defending motorists who have received traffic citations can never be overstated. The cost to have a qualified attorney such as Mr. Frawley represent you in court will often times be just a small fraction of the financial burdens that result from either trying to have a ticket dismissed on your own, or not even bothering to contest the charges.

Receipt of a traffic ticket does not mean that you are guilty of anything. Just like a criminal charge, a traffic ticket represents just that -- a charge. The state still bears the responsibility of proving that you actually committed the offense of which you have been accused.

And you would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the entire tri-state area better equipped and more knowledgeable in the arena of traffic law than Mr. Frawley, who served with distinction as a member of the Orangetown Police Department for nearly two decades before embarking on a career as an attorney. In fact, it would be futile to even try. The list of accolades and honors bestowed upon Mr. Frawley throughout his career in law enforcement is as long as it is impressive. He knows by rote every chapter of the traffic code and if there is any chance of achieving an acquittal in your case, we will seize the opportunity on your behalf.

With people leading increasingly busier lives, and a greater number of immediate family members residing under separate roofs because of divorce, it seems motorists are in a constant rush to get from place to place. New York may assess anywhere from three all the way up to 11 points for any single speeding violation. When six points are levied against your driving record in an 18-month span, you will automatically receive a "Driver Responsibility Assessment" which carries a $300 fine. Any subsequent points over and above six mean an additional $75 fine.

When it comes to traffic infractions, New York State maintains some of the toughest regulations on the books anywhere in the United States. A law enforcement officer would be well within his rights to pull you over and issue a citation if you are engaging in any of the following: sending or receiving text messages; talking on a cell phone either as a handset or on speaker; initiating a call without a wireless headset device.

There are many valid defenses that will hold up in a court of law against each of the aforementioned violations. As your attorney, Mr. Frawley will raise objections to the prosecution's case and invoke any and every defense possible in an effort to absolve you of the charges you're facing. When it comes to contesting a moving violation of any kind, the risks of a guilty outcome are too great to leave anything to chance.

The loss of your driving privileges is sure to have a hugely devastating impact on your ability to get to work, to attend social activities, to get your children to school and ballgames, and even to doctors and emergency rooms should the need for urgent medical care every arise for you or a loved one. That is to say nothing of the embarrassment and shame you will feel when your friends and neighbors see you relying on public transportation or colleagues to get from place to place.

There literally are over one thousand infractions for which motorists may be pulled over in New York State. If you have been cited for any of the following offenses, our office can provide the high-quality and fierce legal counsel required to have you exonerated as quickly as possible: adult seat belt violations; cell phone violations; child seat belt violations; drinking and driving; failure to move from lane; failure to yield; failure to yield to emergency vehicles; following too closely; improper passing; improper turn violation; insurance violations; lane change violations; no signal violations; reckless driving; red light violations; school bus violations; speeding; stop sign violations; suspended license violations; texting violations; and any traffic control device violations;

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